About Us

Samozo Wheels & More

Started in a small basement in the Netherlands providing wheels in 2016 and became later a brand in 2020 after 9 months of market research to be difference and a major company in Europe
providing exclusive wheel models from own productionline starting with the SMZ2P (2 piece) series and later the SMZ3P Series, providing 3 pieced forged wheels which can be made according
to wish with the latest CNC & waterlaser technoligy.

Samozo Wheels became a global brand by having 5 dealerships worldwide and started offering more products besides wheels like T-shirts, hats and other merchandising to establish the brand.

Our vision:
We succeed already to expand our services by providing car cleaning, installing audio to make cars “ready” for events and the following services we will be providing is car detailing,
lowering, wrapping, spot repair and offering our own racing bucket seats. We always look for the edges when it comes to exlusivity by changing our stocks and models every month and
providing carbon wheels and other sweet finishes, not only for cars, but also vans and offroad vehicles and always try to be different in the market.